Praying through Psalms

Hi everyone!

Andre (a Caltech alumnus) will be leading us in the praying the Psalms

A message from Andre:

“What I mean by that is that we are going to read through some Psalms and
then, either at the end of reading the Psalms or in the middle of reading
it, we would turn it into our own prayer. The hope is that it’ll help us in
our prayer life, and to change our heart to grow closer to God’s. So, if
you have time, please come with 2-5 Psalms or part of the Psalms that has
spoken to your hearts! They can be praises, petitions, laments, or
confessions. Again, you can choose it to be be one or two verses out of a
long Psalms.

The meat of the meeting would be splitting into a group of 3/4 and praying
together in the Psalms. So, be prepared to pray together!”

At about 9 or 9:15 we’ll be heading out to go bowling! If you didn’t email
Jarvis about bowling, he’s got a couple extra groupons so you should come

Hope to see you tomorrow night!

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